In the event of an emergency declared by the Town of Duck or Dare County pursuant to G.S. 166A-19.22, the Mayor may authorize the Town Manager or his designee to allow for reasonable temporary accommodations in town regulations consistent with and furthering the purposes of the emergency declaration and in the interests of public health, safety and welfare, including the economic prosperity of the community. Such temporary accommodations shall not extend beyond the termination of the declaration of emergency or the end of the circumstances under the declaration causing the need for accommodations. Such temporary accommodations may include, but shall not be limited to amendments to the following chapters of the Town Code:
   (A)   Chapter 93, Parks;
   (B)   Chapter 95, Special Events;
   (C)   Chapter 110, Peddlers and Vendors;
   (D)   Chapter 156, Zoning;
      (1)   Permitted uses;
      (2)   Lot coverage;
      (3)   Structure setbacks;
      (4)   Parking requirements;
      (5)   Signs.
(Ord. 20-03, passed 5-20-2020)