131.01   Definitions
   131.02   Arson
   131.03   Determining property value in arson
   131.04   Criminal damaging or endangering; vehicular vandalism
   131.05   Criminal mischief
   131.06   Criminal trespass
   131.07   Aggravated trespass
   131.08   Destruction of shrubs, trees or crops
   131.09   Desecration
   131.10   Unauthorized use of or tampering with municipal property
   131.11   Ethnic intimidation
   131.12   Determining property value in theft offense
   131.13   Property exceptions as felony offense
   131.14   Detention of shoplifters and those committing motion picture piracy; rights of museums and libraries
   131.15   Petty theft
   131.16   Unauthorized use of vehicle; vehicle trespass
   131.17   Insurance fraud
   131.18   Unauthorized use of property or access to computer systems
   131.19   Passing bad checks
   131.20   Misuse of credit cards
   131.21   Making or using slugs
   131.22   Tampering with coin machines
   131.23   Prima facie evidence of purpose to defraud
   131.24   Tampering with records
   131.25   Securing writings by deception
   131.26   Defrauding creditors
   131.27   Receiving stolen property
   131.28   Tampering with and theft of utilities
   131.29   Forgery of identification cards
   131.30   Graffiti prevention and abatement
   131.31   Motion picture piracy
   131.32   Railroad vandalism; criminal trespass; interference with operation of train; grade crossing device vandalism