The City Manager shall be the chief administrative and law enforcement officer of the City. The City Manager shall be responsible to Council for the administration of all municipal affairs placed in the City Manager's charge by or under this Revised Charter, the legislation of the City and the laws of the State of Ohio. Without limitation of the foregoing, the City Manager or designee shall:
   (a)   appoint, promote, suspend, remove or otherwise discipline any City employee, except as otherwise provided by or under this Revised Charter, subject to the provisions of Section 6.06 pertaining to Personnel Systems;
   (b)   direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the City, except as otherwise provided by this Revised Charter;
   (c)   attend all regular and special meetings of Council with the right to participate in discussions but not to vote;
   (d)   enforce within the City all laws, provisions of this Revised Charter and legislation of the City;
   (e)   prepare and submit budgets and capital programs to Council;
   (f)   keep Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the City;
   (g)   submit to Council and make available to the public complete records of the finances and administrative activities of the City;
   (h)   make such other reports as Council may require concerning the operations of City departments, divisions, offices, boards, commissions, bureaus, and agencies;
   (i)   provide staff support services for Council and the City's boards, commissions and committees;
   (j)   execute on behalf of the City all contracts, leases, deeds, easements, conveyances and agreements; and
   (k)   perform such other powers, duties and functions as are conferred or required by this Revised Charter or by Council.