Legislation may be introduced by any member at any regular or special meeting of Council. Prior to the introduction of any legislation, the Clerk of Council shall distribute a copy of the legislation to each Council member and to the City Manager, file a reasonable number of copies in the office of the Clerk of Council and such other public places as Council may designate, and publish the title of the legislation together with a notice setting forth the time and place for its public hearing before Council.
      The procedure for public hearings shall be determined by the Council Rules of Order. The public hearing of any legislation shall follow its publication by no less than seven days; may be held separately or in conjunction with a regular or special Council meeting; may be adjourned or recessed from time to time; and may be dispensed with for an emergency ordinance. The public hearing of a resolution shall be conducted at the time of its introduction. The public hearing of an ordinance shall be conducted at the next designated meeting subsequent to its introduction, unless otherwise specified by Council. Upon closing the public hearing and after discussion by Council, Council may adopt the legislation with or without amendment, reject it, or table it.
      The vote on legislation shall be entered in the minutes or other record of Council proceedings. As soon as possible after adoption, the Clerk of Council shall have the legislation and a notice of its adoption published and available to the public at a reasonable price.