When the following
...adjoins the following, or vice versa:
... the minimum land-scape..within a buffer zone of this average width (with 3 ft. as the least dimension) is required.1
D. 2
..which will contain this material, to achieve opacity required.
Any residential zone
Mobile home park
10 ft., adjacent to all common boundaries, including street frontage
1 tree/40 ft. of lineal boundary, OFT,3 plus continuous 6 ft. high planting, hedge, fence, wall or earth mound
Any residential zone
Any office zone
6 ft. adjacent to all common boundaries except street frontage
Same as 1.D., except use only Group A or B
Any residential zone
Any business zone
10 ft. located as above (2.C.)
Same as 2.D.
Any residential zone
Any industrial zone
15 ft. located as above (2.C.)
Same as 1.D., except use only Group A
Any office or business zone
Any industrial zone
15 ft. located as above (2.C.)
Same as 2.D.
Any zone except rural zone
A freeway or arterial street prohibiting driveways
20 ft. for residential zones and 10 ft. for all other zones adjacent to freeway or arterial
1 tree/30 ft., OFT, Group A or B, plus continuous 6 ft. height planting, hedge, wall, fence or earth mound
Any zone except agricultural and industrial zones
Railroads (except spur tracks)
Same as 6.C., adjacent to railroad boundaries
Same as 6.D.
Any property boundary, including street rights-of-way
Utility substation, junk yards, landfills, sewage plants or similar uses
15 ft. adjacent to all boundaries except only 5 ft. for utility substations measured adjacent to the enclosure
Same as 6.D.
1   Six feet shall be the least dimension for any commercial or industrial zone with three feet as the least dimension for any other zone.
2   Grass or ground cover shall be planted on all portions of the easements not occupied by other landscape material.
3   OFT means "or fraction thereof." Trees do not have to be equally spaced, but may be grouped.
('80 Code, Appendix A) (Ord. 13-81, passed 5-18-81)