(A)   Consent to inspection. Application for or operation of a marihuana facility, or leasing property to a marihuana facility, constitutes consent by the applicant, and all owners, managers, and employees of the business, and the owner of the property to permit the City Manager or his or her designee to conduct inspections of the marihuana facility to ensure compliance with this chapter or any other applicable law, rule, or regulation.
   (B)   During all business hours and other times when the premise is occupied by an authorized person, all permitted premises shall be subject to examination and inspection by the Douglas Police Department and all other city departments for the purpose of investigating and determining compliance with the provisions of this chapter and any other applicable state and local laws or regulations.
   (C)   An authorized person shall not threaten, hinder or obstruct a law enforcement officer or a city inspector or investigator in the course of making an examination or inspection of the licensed premises and shall not refuse, fail, or neglect to cooperate with a law enforcement officer, inspector, or investigator in the performance of his or her duties to enforce this chapter, the MMFLA, MRTMA or applicable state administrative rules.
   (D)   Any failure by an authorized person to comply with state laws or rules or the provisions of this chapter constitutes a violation of this chapter and grounds for revocation of the marihuana permit under this chapter.
(Ord. 01-2020, passed 2-17-2020)