Application for new annual permit. An application for a new annual permit for a marihuana facility shall be submitted to the City Clerk on a form provided by the city. The form shall fulfill all of the requirements of the application process, including but not limited to:
   (A)   The name and address of the facility and any other contact information requested on the application form.
   (B)   The name and address of all owners of the real property where the facility is located.
   (C)   Name and address of all business managers of the facility.
   (D)   A statement with respect to each person named on the application whether the person has:
      (1)   The applicants' and any stakeholders' names, dates of birth, mailing address, email address, and phone numbers, including emergency contact information, and a copy of a government-issued photo identification card of the applicant and stakeholders.
      (2)   For a privately held corporation, all corporate officers or persons with equivalent titles and their spouses, all directors and their spouses, and all stockholders, not including those holding a direct or indirect ownership interest of 10% or less, and their spouses.
      (3)   For a partnership or limited liability partnership, all partners and their spouses.
      (4)   For a limited partnership and a limited liability limited partnership, all general and limited partners, not including a limited partner holding a direct or indirect ownership interest of 10% or less and who does not exercise control over or participate in the management of the partnership, and their spouses.
      (5)   For a limited liability company, all members and managers, not including a member holding direct or indirect ownership interest of 10% or less and who does not exercise control over or participate in the management of the company, and their spouses.
      (6)   If the applicant is not an individual, the articles of incorporation or organization, Internal Revenue Service SS-4 EIN confirmation letter, and the operating agreement or bylaws of the applicant, if a limited liability company or corporation.
      (7)   For the applicant and every stakeholder, affirmation that each is at least 21 years of age.
      (8)   The name, address, tax identification number, and current zoning designations of the proposed marihuana facility.
      (9)   The name and address of the current property owner of record.
      (10)   One of the following: (a) proof of ownership of the premises wherein the marihuana business will be operated; or (b) written consent from the property owner to use the premises for a marihuana business requiring licensure under this chapter, together with a copy of any lease for the premises.
      (11)   The proposed marihuana facility type.
      (12)   A complete list of all marihuana permits and licenses held by the applicant.
      (13)   A copy of all documents submitted by the applicant to LARA in connection with the application for a state operating license under the MMFLA or the MRTMA (including documents submitted for prequalification).
      (14)   A copy of the proposed business plan for the marihuana business, including, but not limited to:
         (a)   The ownership structure of the business, including percentage ownership of each person or entity.
         (b)   If co-location of marihuana businesses is proposed, provide an explanation of the integration of such businesses, including a drawing showing the relationship between the businesses being co-located, including floor area and the separation provided between such facilities, including identification of any points of entry, ingress or egress, and controls at each location.
         (c)   Any community outreach/education plans and strategies.
         (d)   A description of the security system and plan for the marihuana facility, as detailed in the zoning ordinance, including, but not limited to, any lighting, alarms, barriers, recording/monitoring devices for the facility and premises. The security plan must contain the specification details of each item of security equipment. A security system shall be continuously monitored with a video surveillance system that includes security cameras. Security cameras must be placed to monitor all areas of the premises where persons may gain or attempt to gain access to marihuana or cash. The video recordings shall be maintained in a secure, offsite location for a minimum period of 30 days.
         (e)   A description of the disposal plan, as detailed in the zoning ordinance, shall be designed to protect against any marihuana being ingested on the premises by any person or animal, and indicating how the waste and byproduct will be stored and disposed.
         (f)   Each marihuana facility shall install and use a safe, as detailed in the zoning ordinance, for storage of any processed marihuana and cash on the premises when the business is closed to the public. The application shall include a description of how the safe shall be incorporated into the building structure or securely attached thereto. For products that must be kept refrigerated or frozen, the business may lock the refrigerated container or freezer in a manner authorized by the city in place of use of a safe so long as the container is affixed to the building structure. The safe storage in the facility shall not be used for any other commercial purposes and shall not be open or accessible to the general public. The safe storage in the facility shall be maintained and operated so as to comply with all state and local rules, regulations and ordinances.
         (g)   An affirmation that neither the applicant nor any stakeholder is in default to the city and that the applicant or stakeholder has not failed to pay any past-due property taxes, special assessments, fines, fee or other financial obligation to the city.
      (15)   Any other information reasonably requested by the city relevant to the processing or consideration of the application.
   (E)   The City Clerk shall reject any application that does not meet the requirements of the MMFLA, the MRTMA, or this chapter. The City Clerk shall reject any application that contains any false, misleading or incomplete information.
   (F)   An applicant is ineligible to receive a marihuana permit under this chapter, and any issued marihuana permit will be revoked, if it is determined that the applicant has knowingly submitted an application for a license that contains false, misleading or fraudulent information, or has intentionally omitted pertinent information on the application for a license.
(Ord. 01-2020, passed 2-17-2020)