(A)   A permit issued under this chapter is valid only for the location of the facility and type of facility that is listed on the permit application and is valid only for the operation of the facility at that location by the permit applicant.
   (B)   A permit issued under this chapter is valid only if the permit holder also holds a valid current state license and a copy of the valid current state license has been provided to the City Clerk by the state license holder and is in compliance with all other requirements in this chapter.
   (C)   A current city employee or city official is not eligible to apply for or hold a city permit or to invest in a marihuana facility in the City of Douglas.
   (D)   The revocation of, suspension of, and placement of restrictions by the state on a state license apply equally to a permit issued by the city.
   (E)   A permit issued by the city under this chapter shall be conspicuously posted in the facility where it is easily open to public view.
   (F)   Acceptance of a permit from the city under this chapter constitutes consent by the permittee, owners, managers and employees to allow the City Manager or designee to conduct inspections of the facility to ensure compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. 01-2020, passed 2-17-2020)