All off-street parking areas shall be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with the following standards and requirements:
   (a)   A minimum area of 180 square feet shall be provided for each vehicle parking space.  Each space shall be definitely designated and reserved for parking purposes, exclusive of space requirements for adequate ingress and egress.
   (b)   Parking areas shall be so designed and marked as to provide for orderly and safe movement and storage of vehicles.
   (c)   Adequate ingress and egress to the parking area by means of clearly limited and defined drives shall be provided.
      (1)   Except for parking space provided on single-family and two-family residential lots, drives for ingress and egress to the parking area shall be not less than 20 feet wide and so located as to secure the most appropriate development of the individual property.
      (2)   Each entrance to and exit from any off-street parking area shall be at least 25 feet from any adjacent lot within a Residential District.
   (d)   Each vehicular parking space within an off-street parking area shall be provided adequate access by means of maneuvering lanes.  Backing directly onto a street shall be prohibited.
   (e)   Parking areas with a capacity of more than five vehicles shall be surfaced with a material that shall provide a durable, smooth and dustless surface and shall be graded and provided with adequate drainage facilities to dispose of all collected surface water.
   (f)   Except for single-family and two-family residential lots, adequate lighting shall be provided throughout the hours when the parking area is in operation.  Such lighting shall not exceed an intensity of 5 footcandles nor shall it be less than 1.5 footcandles.  All lighting shall be so arranged as to reflect light away from any residential property adjacent to the parking area.
   (g)   Where a parking area with a capacity of more than five vehicles abuts a residential district or public right of way in a Residential District, a buffer strip at least 10 feet wide shall be provided between the parking area and the adjoining property, and a vertical screen shall be erected consisting of structural or plant materials no less than four feet in height and spaced so as to effectively screen the parking area from the residential area.
   (h)   Parking areas will have to conform to front yard setback requirements and shall be no closer to any principal building than five feet.
   (i)   Each off-street parking area that serves a building, except single and two family dwelling units, shall have barrier free parking spaces which meet the requirements of the building Code and other state and federal regulations.
(Ord. 89.  Passed 4-10-72; Ord. 2005-4.  Passed  10-10-05.)