The joint use of parking facilities by two or more uses is recommended and may be granted by the Planning Commission whenever joint use is practical and satisfactory to each of the uses intended to be served, and when all requirements for location, design and construction can be satisfied.
   (a)   Computing Capacities. In computing capacities of any joint use, the total space requirement is the sum of the individual requirements that will occur at the same time. If space requirements for individual uses occur at distinctly different times, the total of such off-street parking facilities required for joint or collective use may be reduced below the sum total of the individual space requirements.
   (b)   Record of Agreement. A copy of an agreement between joint users shall be filed with the application for a building permit and recorded with the Register of Deeds of Eaton County. The agreement shall include a guarantee for continued use of the parking facility for each party to the joint use.
(Ord. 89. Passed 4-10-72; Ord. 2005-4. Passed 10-10-05.)