(a)   Class I nonconforming uses may be enlarged or expanded if approved by the Planning Commission through the Site Plan Review process as outlined in Chapter 1296. The Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator may approve the enlargement or expansion of a Class I nonconforming structure when the proposed construction does not enlarge or expand the nonconforming aspect(s) of the structure. In addition to the site plan review criteria, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Administrator shall utilize the following additional criteria in considering any enlargement or expansion:
      (1)   The expansion will not unreasonably extend the duration of the nonconforming use and that the expansion takes place on the same parcel as the existing use.
      (2)   The need for the expansion should not be created by an increase in the intensity of use.
      (3)   The expansion will not lead to requests for similar expansions in the immediate area.
      (4)   The expansion will not have a negative effect on adjacent properties.
      (5)   The expansion will not require additional off-street parking.
   (b)   Class I nonconforming uses may be substituted with another nonconforming use provided that the new use is equal to or less intense than the existing nonconforming use. The Planning Commission may approve a substitution based on a written request from the property owner and a determination regarding the level of intensity.
(Ord. 2002-4. Passed 6-10-02.)