Uses permitted by right in the Town Center District shall be all of the following uses, which must be conducted wholly in a permanent, fully enclosed building and shall be subject to Site Plan Review pursuant to Chapter 1296:
   (a)   One and two-family dwellings;
   (b)   Retail food establishments which supply groceries, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, baked goods, confections or similar commodities for consumption off the premises. Foodstuffs may be prepared or manufactured on the premises as an accessory activity if the sale of the product is limited to the local retail store;
   (c)   Restaurants, including lunch counters, dairy bars and other establishments which provide food for consumption on the premises, excluding establishments with “drive-in” facilities, outdoor dining areas and walk-up service windows;
   (d)   Other retail businesses, such as drug, variety, secondhand stores, dry goods, clothing, notions, music, book or hardware stores which supply commodities on the premises;
   (e)   Personal service establishments which perform services on the premises, such as barber or beauty shops, repair shops for shoes, radios, televisions and jewelry, and self-service laundries and photographic studios;
   (f)   Offices for professional services, such as medical professionals (doctors, dentists, osteopaths, etc.), consultants, service, sales and similar professions;
   (g)   Professional offices for architects, engineers, artists and others employed in the graphic arts field;
   (h)   Banks and other financial corporation offices, excluding establishments with “drive-in” facilities;
   (i)   Administrative offices in which the personnel will be employed in one or more of the following fields: executive, administrative, legal, writing, clerical, stenographic, accounting, insurance and similar enterprises;
   (j)   Printing, publishing, photographic reproduction, blueprinting and related trades and arts;
   (k)   Computer software development and sales and assembly of hardware computer components for sale;
   (l)   Business or instructional schools, such as accounting, typing, clerical, music, voice, or dance schools;
   (m)   Radio and television studios and broadcasting facilities, excluding transmission and receiving towers;
   (n)   Religious institutions;
   (o)   Art studios, including potters' shops, weavers, painters and creative performance.
   (p)   Family day care homes and adult foster care family homes.
(Ord. 2001-5. Passed 11-12-01; Ord. 2009-7. Passed 12-14-09.)