The following minimum dimensions for lot and area width, front, side and rear yards, together with maximum dimensions for lot coverage and building heights, shall be required for every structure and land use in the R-1D Medium Density Residential District, except as noted.
   (a)   Minimum lot area shall be 8,500 square feet for a single-family dwelling and 12,000 square feet for a two-family dwelling. For permitted exceptions to lot area, refer to Section 1294.12.
   (b)   Minimum interior lot widths shall be sixty-six feet for single-family and eighty feet for two-family units along the street upon which the lot principally fronts, except as follows:
      (1)   Lots located on irregular or curving streets shall have their widths measured at the building line.
      (2)   A dwelling may be constructed on a lot of record which is of smaller dimensions and of less gross area than the minimum specified, provided that any lot so excepted shall be no less than fifty feet wide at the street line for a single-family residence and sixty feet wide at the street line for a two-family residence, and that all other district area requirements will be complied with. Refer to Section 1294.12 for permitted exceptions to lot widths.
   (c)   Minimum corner lot widths shall be eighty feet for single-family and ninety feet for two-family residences, with exceptions to be allowed for lots or curvilinear streets producing nonparallel side lot lines, except that any minimum lot width shall be ten feet more for corner lots.
   (d)         Maximum lot coverage for all buildings, including accessory buildings, shall not cover more than thirty percent of the total lot area for single-family units, nor more than forty percent of the total lot area for two-family units. Refer to Sections 1294.06, 1294.12, and 1294.13.
   (e)   Minimum front yards shall be twenty-five feet, except in the case where forty percent or more of lots within a block are occupied with residential structures, no building hereafter erected or structurally altered shall project beyond the average front yard so established, provided that this regulation shall not require a front yard of more than fifty feet or allow a front yard of less than twenty feet.
   (f)   Minimum side yards shall be ten feet on each side.
   (g)   Minimum rear yards shall be thirty-five feet.
   (h)   Refer to Sections 1294.06 and 1294.15 for permitted reductions in yard dimensions, permitted yard encroachments and placement of accessory buildings in yard areas.
   (i)   Maximum building height for residential structures shall be two and one-half stories, but not exceeding thirty-five feet. Refer to Section 1294.06 for accessory building regulations. Refer to Section 1294.18 for building height limitations for nonresidential structures in residential Districts.
   (j)   Minimum dwelling floor areas shall be as follows:
      (1)   For single-family dwellings, the same as for the R-1C District; and
      (2)   For two-family dwellings, 700 square feet per dwelling unit.
(Ord. 89. Passed 4-10-72; Ord. 2015-1. Passed 4-13-15; Ord. 2022-02. Passed 4-11-22.)