(a)   The Zoning Administrator or other designee shall approve, approve with reasonable conditions to assure compliance with applicable ordinances and the protection of public health, safety and general welfare, or disapprove the land division applied for within forty-five days (unless waived under Section 1246.05(c) after receipt of the application package conforming to the requirements of this chapter, and shall promptly notify the applicant of the decision and the reasons for any denial. If the application package does not conform to the requirements of this chapter and the State Land Division Act, the Zoning Administrator or other designee shall return the same to the applicant for completion and refiling in accordance with this chapter and the State Land Division Act.
   (b)   Any person or other entity aggrieved by a decision of the Zoning Administrator or designee may, within thirty days of said decision, appeal the decision  to the governing body of the Village or such other body or person designated by the governing body, which shall consider and resolve such appeal by a majority vote of Council or by the designee at the next regular meeting or session, affording sufficient time for a twenty-day written notice to the applicant (and to the appellant where the appellant is other than the applicant) of the time and date of said meeting and appellate hearing.
   (c)   A decision approving a land division is effective for ninety days, after which it shall be considered revoked unless within such period a survey is recorded with the office of the County Register of Deeds and filed with the Village Clerk or other designated official accomplishing the approved land division or transfer.
   (d)   The Zoning Administrator or his or her designee shall maintain an official record of all approved and accomplished land divisions or transfers.
(Ord. 97-3.  Passed 11-10-97.)