An applicant shall file all of the following with the Village Zoning Administrator or other official designated by the governing body for review and approval of a proposed land division before making any division either by deed, land contract, lease for more than one year or for building development:
   (a)   A completed application form on such form as may be approved by the Village Council.
   (b)   Proof of fee ownership of the land proposed to be divided.
   (c)   A survey map of the land proposed to be divided, prepared pursuant to the survey map requirements of Act 132 of the Public Acts of 1970, as amended, being M.C.L.A. 54.211, by a land surveyor licensed by the State of Michigan, and showing the dimensions and legal descriptions of the existing parcel and the parcels proposed to be created by the division, the location of all existing structures and other land improvements and the accessibility of the parcels for vehicular traffic and utilities from existing public roads.
      In lieu of such survey map, at the applicant's option, the applicant may waive the forty-five day statutory requirement for a decision on the application until such survey map and legal description are filed with the Village, and submit a preliminary parcel map, drawn to a scale of not less than 200 feet to the inch, including an accurate legal description of each proposed division, and showing the boundary lines, dimensions and the accessibility of each division from existing or proposed public roads for automobile traffic and public utilities, for preliminary review, approval and/or denial by the Zoning Administrator or other official designated by the governing body prior to a final application under this section.
      The Zoning Administrator or other official designated by the governing body may waive the survey map requirement where the foregoing preliminary parcel map is deemed to contain adequate information to approve a proposed land division, considering the size, simple nature of the divisions and the undeveloped character of the territory within which the proposed divisions are located. An accurate legal description of all the proposed divisions, however, shall at all times be required.
   (d)   Proof that all standards of the State Land Division Act and this chapter have been met.
   (e)   The history and specifications of the land proposed to be divided, sufficient to establish that the proposed division complies with Section 108 of the State Land Division Act.
   (f)   Proof that all due and payable taxes or installments of special assessments pertaining to the land proposed to be divided are paid in full.
   (g)   If a transfer of division rights is proposed in the land transfer, detailed information about the terms and availability of the proposed division rights transfer.
   (h)   Unless a division creates a parcel which is acknowledged and declared to be "not a development site" under Section 1246.08, all divisions shall result in buildable parcels with sufficient area to comply with all required setback provisions, minimum floor areas, off-street parking spaces, approved on-site sewage disposal and water well locations (where public water and sewer service is not available), access to existing public utilities and public roads, and maximum allowed area coverage of buildings and structures on the site, as required by the Zoning Code.
   (i)   The fee as may from time to time be established by resolution of the governing body of the Village for land division reviews pursuant to this chapter to cover the costs of review of the application and administration of this chapter and the State Land Division Act.
(Ord. 97-3.  Passed 11-10-97.)