(a)   No person shall make, aid, countenance or assist in making any riot, disturbance or improper diversion, or engage in any drunken, disorderly, indecent or immoral conduct, language or behavior, or collect in groups for unlawful purposes in the streets or elsewhere within the corporate limits of the Village to the annoyance and disturbance of the peace and quiet of its residents.
(Ord. 62. Passed 3-13-62.)
   (b)   No person shall disturb, tend to disturb or aid in disturbing the peace of others by loud, violent, tumultuous, offensive or obstreperous behavior. No person shall permit any such conduct in any house or upon any premises owned or possessed by him or her or under his or her management or control when it is within his or her power to prevent such conduct, so that others in the vicinity are not disturbed by such conduct.