Offenses Relating to Property
642.01   Malicious destruction or injury of property.
642.99   Penalty.
   Real estate generally - see M.C.L.A. Secs. 554.1 et seq.
   Malicious destruction of property by minors - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 600.2913
   Theft generally - see M.C.L.A.  Sec. 750.356 et seq.
   Malicious destruction of property - see M.C.L.A. Secs. 750.377a, 750.377b
   Malicious destruction of trees - see M.C.L.A.  Sec. 750.382
   Expenses of emergency response to hazardous materials incidents - see ADM. Ch. 210
   Property destruction by dogs - see GEN. OFF. 610.03(f)
   School property - see GEN. OFF. 664.02