(A)   At least one (1) "Handicapped Parking Only" space shall be designated by a proper sign for the area near any federal building within the city.
   (B)   The City Council is hereby given the authority to designate from time to time other “Handicapped Parking Only” spaces within the city by method of a duly made and adopted motion at a regular Council meeting. Any space so designated for handicapped parking only must be indicated by a proper sign.
   (C)   Any vehicle parking in a properly marked "Handicapped Parking Only" space must have displayed in plain sight an authorized sticker, license plate or decal which states that the driver or a passenger in the vehicle is handicapped. An authorized sticker as referred to above means one which is obtained through a properly licensed physician or a license or sticker which is issued by the state.
   (D)   The driver of any vehicle which is found parked in a properly marked handicapped parking only space and which vehicle does not have displayed a duly authorized handicapped sticker, license or decal shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction shall be subject up to the maximum fines and penalties and/or imprisonment as allowed by the South Carolina Code of Laws that may be imposed in a municipal or magistrate’s court for each subsequent offense. Each day upon which a violation occurs or continues constitutes a separate offense. Punishment for violation shall not relieve the offender of liability and costs provided for herein.
(Am. Ord. 10-02, passed 3-8-2010)
Cross reference:
   Policy of non-discrimination against handicapped, Sec. 1-4-7, 1-4-8.
State Law Reference:
   Municipal duty to designate spaces for handicapped, S.C. Code § 56-3-1965