Whenever the regulatory authority conducts an inspection of a facility,  the regulatory authority shall record the findings on an inspection report equivalent to the State of Illinois Department of Public Health Food Establishment Inspection Report. One  copy of the inspection report shall be furnished to the permit holder or designated agent of the facility. The inspection report shall note all cited violations and set forth a status for each food service establishment. The status for each food service establishment is dependent on these factors:
   (A)   The severity of the violation(s)  cited during the routine inspection.
   (B)   The number of continuous repeat violations. Continuous repeat violations are defined as violations that are document and uncorrected at three consecutive inspections.
   (C)   The number of recurring repeat violations. Recurring repeat violations are violations that are documented at four consecutive inspections, but corrected after each documentation or citation.
   (D)   The number of chronic violations. Chronic violations shall be defined as violations that are the same priority or priority foundation violation  (CITE) documented in three consecutive routine inspections.
   (E)   Repeat certified food manager violations cited during inspection.
(Ord. passed 6-18-2009; Am. Ord. passed 5-30-2018)