(A)   Sewer pipe and fittings for mains and laterals. Sewer pipe shall be concrete, conforming to ASTM C14, Class 2, or C76 with ASTM C150, Type II cement; clay conforming to ASTM C200 and clay pipe institute west coast standards; asbestos-cement conforming to ASTM C42 8, Type II, or cast iron conforming to Federal Specification WW-P-421.
   (B)   Pipe joints.
      (1)   Clay joints shall be either the Speed-Seal, manufactured by Gladding, McBean, and Company, or the Wedge-Lock, manufactured by Pacific Clay Products, or as approved. Joints shall comply with ASTM C425. Lubricants for jointing shall be as approved by the pipe manufacturer.
      (2)   Concrete pipe joints shall be rubber-gasketed type. Joints shall conform to ASTM C443, including performance requirements for joints.
      (3)   Asbestos-cement sewer pipe joints shall be an approved coupling type with rubber gasket, conforming to ASTM D1869. Couplings shall consist of an asbestos-cement sleeve, machined, or otherwise arranged for use with rubber sealing gaskets. Sleeves shall be arranged so the rubber rings are self-positioning. Couplings shall be Ring-Tite, Fluid-Tite, or other approved pattern standard with the pipe manufacturer. Lubricant for jointing shall be as approved by pipe manufacturer.
      (4)   Cast-iron pipe joints shall be mechanical joint or Tyton joint pipe as manufactured by the United States Pipe and Foundry Company or as approved.
   (C)   Tee fittings.
      (1)   Joints on all tee fittings shall be the same as the joints used on the sewer pipe. Caps or plugs shall be furnished with each tee outlet or stub with the same type gasket and joint as furnished with the service connection pipe specified. The plug or cap shall be banded or otherwise secured to withstand all test pressures involved without leakage.
      (2)   On concrete pipe, fittings 18 inches and under shall be shop-fabricated. Stubs shall be flush with inside of the pipe. Fabrication shall be as shown on the sewer service connection details in the standard details on file in the city offices.
   (D)   Service connection pipe and fittings. Service connection pipes shall conform to one of the following specifications. All pipe shall be air-tested without leakage for ten seconds at an average pressure of 9.5 psi prior to delivery to the user.
      (1)   Concrete conforming to ASTM 14, Class 2, with rubber gaskets conforming to ASTM 443, except the pipe shall have a minimum one-inch thick wall.
      (2)   Cast iron soil pipe conforming to commercial standard 188 with leaded and caulked joints or approved rubber-gasketed joints.
      (3)   Asbestos-cement conforming to ASTM C644 with joints conforming to ASTM D1869. Class 2400 shall be used in all trenches deeper than ten feet. Class 1500 may be used in trenches of lesser depth.
      (4)   Clay conforming to ASTM C200 with joints conforming to ASTM 425.
      (5)   Fittings shall be manufactured with nominal inside diameters of four and six inches. Long-radius bends shall be used at all changes in direction. Pipe and fittings for individual service connections shall be of one type of material, and no interchanging of pipe and fittings of different material will be allowed. Pipe and fittings shall be one of those specified above. Service connection construction shall conform to the sewer service connection details in the standard details on file in the city office.
   (E)   Manholes.
      (1)   Concrete for manhole bases shall be ready-mixed conforming to ASTM C94, Alternate 2. Compressive field strength shall not be less than 2,500 pounds per square inch at 28 days.
      (2)   Reinforcing steel shall conform to ASTM 615, grade 40, deformed bars.
      (3)   Precast manhole sections shall be minimum 42-inch diameter conforming to ASTM C478. Eccentric cones shall be used. Manhole steps are not required.
      (4)   Manhole frames and covers shall be cast iron of size, shape, and minimum weight detailed on the standard manhole details in the standard details on file in the city office. Covers shall have the word “sewer” in two-inch raised letters.
      (5)   Castings shall be tough, close-grained gray iron, sound, smooth, clean, free from blisters, blow-holes, shrinkage, cold shuts, and all defects, and shall conform to ASTM A4 8, Class 30. Plane or grind bearing surfaces to ensure flat, true surfaces. Covers shall be true and seat within the ring at all points.
   (F)   Cleanouts. Unless otherwise approved by the secretary, cleanouts or lampholes will not be permitted on any sewer except four- and six-inch service connections.
   (G)   Gravel for pipe base and backfill in the pipe zone. Gravel for pipe base and backfill in the pipe zone shall be crushed rock or pea gravel as follows.
Pipe Size
4” to 18”
3/4” minus
Over 18”
1-1/2” minus
(Ord. 46, passed 4-8-1975)