(A)   (1)   If so directed by the city, all devices, access facilities, and related equipment shall be installed by the person discharging the waste, at his or her expense, and shall be maintained by him or her so as to be in safe condition, in proper operating condition at all times, and readily accessible to city forces during the operating day.
      (2)   The flow measurement device may be a Parshall flume, weir, venturi nozzle, magnetic flowmeter, or any other type of device providing accurate and continuous flow indication. Pump timers or other indirect measurement devices will not be acceptable.
   (B)   (1)   The flowmeter shall be suitable for indicating and totalizing the flow in millions of gallons per day through the device, provided above, with an error not exceeding plus or minus 5%. The instrument shall be equipped with a set of electrical contacts arranged to momentarily close a circuit to energize a process timer and sampling device for every fixed quantity of flow. This quantity should be selected so as to ensure a minimum of 50 samples per operating day.
      (2)   Other control variations will be acceptable if it can be demonstrated that the sampling procedure will result in a waste sample which is proportional to the waste flow. The length of operation of the sampling device shall be dependent on the type of sampling arrangement used, but in no case shall the daily collected sample be less than two quarts in volume.
   (C)   The method of sampling used may be by continuous pumping past a solenoid-operated valve, direct pumping into the sample container, continuous pumping past a sampler dipper calibrated to remove a constant sample, by a proportional sample dipper operating directly in the waste flow, or by any other approved means. All samples must be continuously refrigerated at a temperature of 39ºF, plus or minus five degrees.
   (D)   The flow measurement and sampling station shall be located and constructed in a manner acceptable to the city. Complete plans on all phases of the proposed installation, including all equipment proposed for use, shall be submitted to the city for approval prior to construction.
   (E)   The person discharging the waste shall keep flow records as required by the city and shall provide qualified personnel to properly maintain and operate the facilities.
(Ord. 46, passed 4-8-1975)