(A)   The fees and charges for labor and materials for inspections and installation to the city water and city sewer systems shall be modified and imposed annually by resolution of the City Council in accordance with Ordinance 223-304.
   (B)   For the fiscal years 1997 through 1998 and thereafter, the amounts of the fees and charges forth herein shall be adjusted to reflect change in the consumer’s price index (“CPI”) for the Portland Metropolitan Area. The dollar-unit for any future inspection and installation charge adjustments shall be based on the percentage change relative to changes in the CPI using January 1, 1997 as the “base year” and January 1 preceding the fiscal year.
   (C)   This annual adjustment based on the percentage change of the CPI shall automatically be imposed effective on July 1 of the fiscal year unless a written request is filed with the City Recorder not later than February 15 preceding the applicable fiscal year, requesting City Council determination as to the adjusted inspection and installation fees and charges for the upcoming fiscal year. If such a request for a determination is filed, the person(s) filing the request shall have the burden of showing that the adjustment resulting from the CPI adjustment and the resulting fees and charges for inspection and installation does not substantially reflect the city’s actual labor and materials cost for the inspection and/or installation, and shall show what the adjustment rate of what the actual costs are.
   (D)   Charges for new service connections, in addition to system development charges (SDC), shall be set by the City Council annually by resolution effective July 1 of each fiscal year.
(Res. 234, passed 10-7-1996)