(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish a fee for the disposal of demolition concrete by the Street Department at its Elm Street location.
   (B)   Disposal fee. The city shall charge a fee of $6 per cubic yard for each cubic yard of demolition concrete delivered to its Elm Street location by residents or by contractors performing work on projects in or near the city. The number of cubic yards shall be determined by the city based upon the area and width of concrete removed from a particular project.
   (C)   Deposit of fees. All fees collected by the Street Department shall be paid to the city and shall be deposited by the City Clerk Treasurer into the city MVH Fund.
   (D)   City projects. In the event demolition concrete is delivered to the Elm Street location by a contractor performing work on a city project or within a city right-of-way, disposal of such demolition concrete shall be allowed free of charge.
   (E)   Right to refuse concrete. The city reserves the right to inspect any material delivered to the Elm Street location to determine its suitability for recycling and reuse before accepting such material and reserves the right to refuse delivery of such material if the material is found to be unsuitable or if the city has reached its capacity to stockpile the material or its need for the material.
(Ord. 2015-11, passed 9-15-2015)