A primary plat plan statement shall be typewritten, on eight and one-half inch by 11-inch bond paper, double spaced, dated and signed by the subdivider, and containing the following information in clear and concise language:
   (A)   The name of the proposed subdivision, which name shall be different from any existing subdivision in the city;
   (B)   A metes and bounds or other legal description of the tract of land to be subdivided;
   (C)   The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the owner or owners of the land, the subdivider, and the engineer or surveyor who will be responsible for the designing of the subdivision lay- out;
   (D)   The proposed restrictive covenants, if any, and any proposed homeowner’s or landowner’s association declaration;
   (E)   A description of the types of structures proposed to be constructed in the subdivision, for example, single-family residences, duplexes, apartments and the like;
   (F)   If the subdivision is proposed incidental to or involves participation by the subdivider in any federal housing program, a statement describing the project, its intended purpose, the federal administrative agencies involved and the federal law and administrative rules pertaining thereto;
   (G)   If the subdivision, or a portion thereof is intended for occupancy by individuals or families of a certain income group pursuant to a federal housing project or program, a complete description and explanation from which it can be determined whether the proposed subdivision conforms to the master plan and Ch. 150 of this code of ordinances;
   (H)   A statement of the total acreage of the proposed subdivision to the nearest half-acre, and the percentage of the total subdivision area which will be devoted to lots, streets, common area and to any other type of specific use; and
   (I)   Reports concerning streams, lakes, topography, vegetation and geologic characteristics which significantly affect the land use of the area which the proposed subdivision would comprise and showing the impact of such characteristics on the proposed subdivision. Maps and tables concerning the suitability of types of soil in the subdivision area in accordance with the national cooperative soil survey shall be appended to comprise a part of the preliminary plan statement.
(Prior Code, § 154.41) (Ord. 1978-6, passed 4-4-1978)