§ 150.210  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   Single-family dwellings;
   (B)   Dwellings for tenants employed on the farm;
   (C)   Public parks and playgrounds and other community recreation uses, libraries and museums;
   (D)   Accessory buildings;
   (E)   Accessory uses, as defined in § 150.178(E) of this chapter;
   (F)   Stands for the retail sale of agricultural products or commodities raised on the premises;
   (G)   Normal farm operations, including all operations necessary to the planting and harvesting of crops and the conduct of agriculture, as defined in this chapter;
   (H)   (1)   Minor livestock operations on tracts of five acres or more with no more than the following numbers of livestock per acre:
         (a)   Twenty finishing hogs;
         (b)   Five sows;
         (c)   Three cows;
         (d)   Forty-five nursery pigs;
         (e)   Five feeder cattle;
         (f)   Six heifers;
         (g)   Three hundred turkeys;
         (h)   Four hundred fifty laying hens; or
         (i)   Seven hundred broilers.
      (2)   Minor livestock operations, hobbies or enterprises on tracts of less than five acres shall not exceed the limits per acre as hereinabove set forth.
   (I)   Intensive livestock operation.
      (1)   An intensive livestock operation shall be defined for purposes of this chapter as a livestock operation or an extension of an existing livestock operation exceeding the per acre limits as set forth in division (H) above, or anyone operation or location regardless of acreage on which are livestock unit numbers exceeding 400 hogs, 200 cattle or 20,000 poultry. If there are more than one kind or species of animals, the number of animals in the operation shall be divided by 400 in the case of hogs, 200 in the case of cattle and 20,000 in the case of poultry, and if the resulting percentages equal or exceed 100, then the operation is an intensive livestock operation as defined herein and, as such, shall be prohibited. No intensive livestock operation shall be permitted, in this or any other district.
      (2)   All facilities located at one site are to be considered as components of one intensive livestock operation.
(Prior Code, § 150.140)  (Ord. 1978-4, passed 3-21-1978)