The intersections described below are designated as yield intersections. When appropriate signs conforming to the requirements of this traffic code are erected at the entrance to such intersections, the operator of a vehicle approaching any of the streets where a sign has been erected shall slow down and yield the right-of-way to any vehicle on the cross street, except when directed by a police officer to do otherwise.
Traffic On
Shall Yield to Traffic On
Beal Drive
Brant Court
Grey Goose Boulevard
Champions Point
Hogans Alley
Colonial Court
Highland Park
Dearfield Court
Whitetail Drive
Eagle Ridge Court
Woodridge Drive
Edgewater Court
Waters Edge Drive
Fairway Drive
Rural King
Fawn Court
Dear Run Trail
Freemont Lane
Edgemont Drive
Hogans Alley
Tiger Trail
Homestead Drive North Entrance Island
Homestead Drive
   Southwest corner of Lot 42
Northwesterly traffic south of Island
   Northeast corner of Island
Northeasterly and southwesterly traffic east of Island
   West point of Lot 4
Northeasterly and southwesterly traffic east and south of Island
   Northeast corner of Lot 36
Northwesterly and southwesterly traffic east and south of Island
Homestead Drive South Entrance Island
Homestead Drive
   West side of Lot 15, southeast corner of Island
Northwesterly traffic west of Island
   Park side, west of the southwest corner of Island
Easterly and westerly traffic south of Island
Homestead Drive
Westerly traffic south of Island
Old Course Court
Tiger Trail
Piedmont Lane
Clermont Avenue
Pintail Lane
Grey Goose Boulevard
Quinn Court
Highland Park
South Whitetail Drive
Deer Run Trail
Twin Lakes Drive
Lakeshore Drive
Windmiller Court
Woodridge Drive
Woodhue Court
Briarwood Court
Woodland Court
Woodridge Court
Yearling Court
Whitetail Drive
(Prior Code, § 72.3)  (Ord. 1983-11, passed 6-21-1983; Ord. 2010-3, passed 5-4-2010; Ord. 2019-8, passed 8-20-2019)  Penalty, see § 70.99