(A)   For purposes of this chapter and Ch. 70 of this code of ordinances, a vehicle, not registered and licensed as a passenger vehicle, passenger truck or passenger van, or capable of being registered as such, shall be considered an oversized vehicle. No oversized vehicle shall park on any city street, except for the purpose of temporarily making deliveries or picking up goods or persons. An oversized vehicle may be used to make deliveries or pick up goods or persons, but shall park within 50 feet of the site of the delivery or pick up point and shall not remain parked for more than two hours.
   (B)   Oversized vehicles include, but are not limited to, the following vehicles and equipment:
      (1)   Camper/trailer;
      (2)   Motor home;
      (3)   Dump truck;
      (4)   Car carrier;
      (5)   Semi-tractor;
      (6)   Semi-trailer, including box, tanker and flat bed trailers;
      (7)   Box truck;
      (8)   Construction equipment;
      (9)   Garbage truck;
      (10)   Dumpster truck;
      (11)   Ready-mix truck;
      (12)   Snow mobile trailer;
      (13)   Boats on trailer;
      (14)   Utility trailer;
      (15)   Agricultural equipment; and
      (16)   Snow removal vehicles and equipment.
(Prior Code, § 77.17)  (Ord. 2000-9, passed - -2000; Ord. 2010-4, passed 5-18-2010)  Penalty, see § 75.99