(A)   Every bicycle, when in use at nighttime, shall be equipped with and have in operation a lamp on the front which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least 300 feet to the front, and at all times with a red reflector on the front and rear thereof, of a type which shall be visible from all distances from 50 feet to 300 feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of headlamps on a motor vehicle.
   (B)   A bicycle shall not be equipped with, nor shall any person use upon a bicycle, any siren or whistle.
   (C)   Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which will enable the operator to make the braked wheel skid on dry, level and clean pavement.
(Prior Code, § 80.14)  (Ord. 1983-11, passed 6-21-1983)  Penalty, see § 74.99