The utility may discontinue the service of any customer for any of the following reasons:
   (A)   For repairs;
   (B)   For want of supply;
   (C)   For any use of water unauthorized by the utility;
   (D)   For unapproved cross-connections of a customer’s water pipes to any other source of water supply or for permitting any condition to exist about the premises that causes or might cause pollution of the public water supply;
   (E)   Upon order by any authority having jurisdiction of such matters;
   (F)   For any leak in the service pipe or appurtenances between the property line and the meter or in any private fire protection system or other unmetered facilities;
   (G)   For any tampering or knowingly permitting any tampering with any service pipe, service stop, meter or meter seal;
   (H)   For vacancy of premises;
   (I)   For failure to pay, in accordance with these rules, any water bills or other charges in connection with water utility service installation or facilities;
   (J)   For failure to provide free and non- hazardous access to the premises and meter so that representatives of the utility may take meter readings, make all necessary inspections, and maintain, replace or remove the meter;
   (K)   For failure to maintain approved meter settings, including pits and vaults;
   (L)   For installing a new service pipe and appurtenances or altering or removing existing service pipe and appurtenances, including the meter, without approval from the utility; and
   (M)   For violation of any of the utility rules and regulations.
(Prior Code, § 51.104)  (Amended 10-7-2008)