(A)   Before any modifications are made to any private fire protection system, or before service is furnished to any new fire protection system connected to or proposed to be connected to and supplied with water from the utility’s distribution mains, final plans shall be filed with the Building Department which shall submit such plans for approval to the City Plan Commission in the case of new construction or to the City Board of Zoning Appeals in case of a change of use which requires the Board of Zoning Appeals approval.
   (B)   The following shall be shown on the plans:
      (1)   The number of sprinkler heads to be served;
      (2)   The sizes and locations of the system’s piping;
      (3)   The sizes and locations of all connections to the utility’s distribution mains;
      (4)   The sizes, locations and types of all valves;
      (5)   The sizes and locations of all hose connections, reels or cabinets;
      (6)   The sizes and locations of storage tanks connected to the system; and
      (7)   The outlet sizes and locations of all fire hydrants.
(Prior Code, § 51.80)  Penalty, see § 53.999