The procedures, rates and charges for the use of and the service rendered by the city's water utility for water usage and fire protection established in Chapter 53, and liability therefore, shall be the responsibility of the owner of each and every lot, parcel of real estate, or building that is connected to the water utility system, regardless of occupancy. If the city permits utility bills to be invoiced to an occupant, liability for payment shall be the joint and several liability of the occupant and owner. In addition, it shall be the owner's responsibility to verify payments are timely made by an occupant. Failure on the part of the owner or occupant to pay or cause payment for such services and such other services included on the utility bill referenced in § 50.40 shall result in the exercise of remedies against the owner, set forth in this chapter as well as that set forth in §§ 50.40 and 50.41.
(Prior Code, § 51.52)  (Amended 9-30-2008; Ord. 2018-15, passed 8-7-2018)