Water service lines and sewer lines are not to be installed in the same trenches unless they are laid four feet apart and bedded on firm soil. All sewer and water lines shall be installed in accordance with state regulations and local ordinances. If the service line from the house to the curb shutoff valve site is installed prior to the utility installing the service tap, the end of the line shall be marked as above, or the service pipe shall project above the surface to show its location. In general, taps shall be installed at the front center line of the lot, and the plumber’s portion of the service line between the curb shutoff and the property line shall extend perpendicularly to the main completely to the property line of the lot served, before any change in direction is made. The curb box will be installed at a location established by the utility.
(Prior Code, § 51.29)  (Amended 9-30-2008)