(A)   (1)   Until a request for water service has been executed and a meter has been installed, water shall not be turned on at any premises by anyone but a water utility representative.
      (2)   No person, except an authorized employee of the water utility, Fire and Street Departments or any other authorized person, shall open, operate or remove the nozzle cap from any fire hydrant to which water is supplied by utility.
      (3)   When water is required to test plumbing before a water contract has been executed and a meter installed, a water utility employee shall be called to make the turn-on and turn-off. It is a violation of this chapter for anyone, except a water utility employee to make such turn-on.
   (B)   A violation of this rule will subject the offender to the penalty provided in § 53.999 of this chapter and to payment for the estimated quantity of water consumed during the period the water was turned on without authority from the water utility.
(Prior Code, § 51.06)  (Amended 9-16-2008)