All new construction including residential, commercial and industrial shall be required to meet the following building minimum standards:
   (A)   The ground floor level of new construction shall be built on a grade level not less than 15 inches above the crown of the street on which the new construction is located.
   (B)   The sanitary sewer outlet from new construction shall not be located more than four feet below the ground floor grade level. The only exception to this requirement is if the new construction contains a walk-out basement and the depth of the sanitary sewer outlet is greater than four feet must be approved by the Building Inspector and City Infrastructure Manager.
   (C)   Manufactured housing located on any city lot or within any subdivision within the city shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   Each manufactured home shall have a minimum width of 23 feet.
      (2)   The front entrance to and the longest portion of a manufactured home shall face the street upon which it is located.
   (D)   All new construction, including residential, commercial and industrial, shall include sidewalks as a part of the development plan.
   (E)   All new construction, including residential, commercial and industrial, shall have property lines and proposed building identified by licensed surveyor, with a copy of the final survey to be provided to the office of the Building Department.
(Ord. 2019-19, passed 11-4-2019)