§ 151.005 PERMITS.
   (A)   No person shall erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, improve, convert or demolish any building, structure or swimming pool in the city, or cause the same to be done, until first having obtained a separate building permit for each such building, structure or swimming pool from the Building Department, and every applicant shall complete all information requested on the permit application form. In the case of a permanently installed residential pool, prior to construction, rehabilitation or alteration of such pool, plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Building Department for review, approval and issuance of a permit. In addition, swimming pools and all appurtenances thereto shall be constructed of materials that:
      (1)   Are non-toxic to humans and the environment;
      (2)   Are impervious and reasonably enduring;
      (3)   Can withstand the stresses that the pool was designed to receive;
      (4)   Will provide a watertight structure with a smooth and easily cleaned surface without cracks or joints, excluding structural joints; or
      (5)   A smooth, easily cleaned surface finish shall be applied to, attached to, or installed.
   (B)   To obtain a permit, the applicant must first file an application therefore in writing on a form to be furnished by the Building Department, and every applicant shall complete all information requested on the form.
   (C)   The applications, plans and specifications, filed by an applicant for a permit shall be reviewed by the Building Department. If the Building Department is satisfied that the work described in an application for a permit and the plans filed therewith conform to the requirements of the code and other pertinent laws and ordinances, he or she shall review the plans and specifications for code compliance. If any code violations are noted or any additional information is needed, the Building Department will notify the applicant immediately. Such code compliant plans and specifications shall not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Building Inspector.
   (D)   Each application for a permit shall be accompanied by two sets of plans and specifications. Plans and specifications must include:
      (1)   Site plan;
      (2)   Foundation plan;
      (3)   Elevations;
      (4)   Dimensioned floor plan;
      (5)   Electrical plan;
      (6)   If applicable, manufactured truss designs;
      (7)   Energy code compliance verification (i.e., ResCheck or equivalent)
   (E)   In identified floodway fringe districts, the Building Department shall review all permit applications to endorse that all buildings are designed and adequately anchored to prevent flotation, collapse or lateral movement of the structure and to minimize potential flood damages.
(Ord. 2019-19, passed 11-4-2019; Ord. 2020-3, passed 2-18-2020; Ord. 2020-11, passed 7-20-2020) Penalty, see § 151.999