Whenever any wooden building or structure, or any such addition to a building, situated upon the following described areas within the city is damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to the extent of fifty percent (50%) of its value, the building or structure, or part or addition to any building, shall not be repaired or rebuilt unless the outer walls are constructed of brick, stone or other noncombustible material not less than four inches (4") thick and the roof covered with noncombustible materials:
   A.   Block 44 of Dawson;
   B.   West one-half of blocks 52 and 60 of Dawson;
   C.   East one-half of blocks 43, 51 and 59 of Dawson;
   D.   East one-half of block 3 of the First Addition to Dawson; and
   E.   West one-half of block 4 of the First Addition to Dawson. (1982 Code § 9.119)