10-1-3: FIRE ZONE 2:
   A.   Description: The following parts of the city are hereby made a part of fire zone 2:
      1.   The east one-half of blocks 52 and 60 of Dawson;
      2.   The west one-half of blocks 43, 51 and 59 of Dawson;
      3.   Blocks 3 and 4 of the First Addition to Dawson; and
      4.   That part of block 8 of the First Addition to Dawson lying north of the Lac Qui Parle River.
   (1982 Code § 9.113)
   B.   Restrictions: No building or structure, nor any part of or addition to any building, constructed of wood or other combustible material shall be erected or placed within fire zone 2 unless the outer walls are constructed of brick, stone or other noncombustible material, or covered with noncombustible material, and the roof covered with noncombustible material. (1982 Code § 9.115)