(A)   All actions or decisions taken or made by the Tree Advisory Committee shall be subject to review by the Town Council.
      (1)   Any citizen may appeal any recommendations made by the Committee to the Town Council.
      (2)   The Town Council shall hear the matter and make all final decisions, and determine all final actions to be taken.
   (B)   The Committee shall have the exclusive jurisdiction and authority to:
      (1)   Order, control and regulate the sodding, seeding and maintenance of lawns, and maintaining, planting and removal of trees within the limits of public streets and other public places.
      (2)   Order, control and regulate the removal of dead and diseased trees, or portions thereof, that constitute a menace to public safety, health and welfare wherever located in the town.
      (3)   Adopt and enforce rules, regulations and specifications relative to division (1).
      (4)   Regulate and prescribe the terms and conditions upon which permits for the maintaining and removal of trees shall be issued.
(Ord. 8-2009, passed 6-15-09)