(A)   Establishment.  There is created and established by this chapter a Tree Advisory Committee for the Town of Danville, Indiana.
   (B)   Composition.  The Tree Advisory Committee shall consist of three members residing within the town limits.
      (1)   Staff Project Coordinator.  One or more town staff members shall serve as Project Coordinator and liaison to the Tree Advisory Committee.
      (2)   Qualifications.
         (a)   The goals of this chapter will be furthered if at least one of the three Tree Advisory Committee members possesses a degree in forestry, horticulture, landscape architecture, or is a certified arborist or a full-time professional in the tree care industry with a minimum of five years experience.
         (b)   If none of the members are so qualified, then an expert tree care consultant shall be utilized.
   (C)   Compensation.  Members of the Tree Advisory Committee shall serve without compensation unless determined by the Town Council.
   (D)   Operation.
      (1)   The Tree Advisory Committee will select a chairperson in January of each year.
      (2)   A majority of its members must be present to conduct business.
      (3)   The Committee shall schedule its meetings and keep a journal of and minutes of its proceedings.
      (4)   The Committee shall be advisory only and shall submit its written recommendations to the Town Council for action and approval.
(Ord. 8-2009, passed 6-15-09)