(A)   After the issuance of any building permit, the Building Inspector shall make, or shall cause to be made, inspections of the work being done as are necessary to insure full compliance with the provisions of this subchapter and the terms of the permit.  Reinspections of work found to be incomplete or not ready for inspection are subject to assessment of reinspection fees as prescribed herein.
   (B)   The Chief of the Fire Department or his or her designated representative shall assist the Building Inspector in the inspection of fire suppression, detection and alarm systems and shall provide reports of the inspection to the Building Inspector.
   (C)   Upon presentation of proper credentials, the Building Inspector or his or her duly authorized representatives may enter at reasonable times any building, structure or premises in the town to perform any duty imposed upon him or her by this code.
(Ord. 4-1988, passed 5-2-88)