(A)   The provisions of this subchapter shall not apply to the emission of sound for the purpose of alerting person to the existence of an emergency or the emission of sound in the performance of work to prevent or alleviate physical or property damage threatened or caused by a public calamity or other emergency.
   (B)   The Town Council shall have the authority to issue permits for:
      (1)   Holidays, celebrations, concerts, parades or other special events, public or personal;
      (2)   Persons who demonstrate that bringing the source of sound or activity for which the permit is sought into compliance with the provisions of this subchapter would constitute an unreasonable hardship on the applicant, the community or other persons and that the adverse impact on the health, safety and welfare of persons affected by the permit has been outweighed by the hardship.  Permits may contain any conditions, including a time limit, that are necessary to limit the adverse impact of the activity.
   (C)   Noncompliance with any condition of the permit shall terminate and subject the person holding it to the provisions of this subchapter.
   (D)   The Town Council may issue guidelines defining the procedure to be following in applying for a permit and the specific criteria to be considered in deciding whether to issue a permit.
(Ord. 4-1994, passed 2-7-94)