(A)   The following are deleted from the Illinois State Plumbing Code:
      (1)   Delete that part of Appendix B marked "Administration" found in the second paragraph on page 120 through "Plans and Specifications", the fourth paragraph of page 120 of the Illinois State Plumbing Code.
      (2)   Delete the following portions of 890-Table A, Water Distribution of the Illinois State Plumbing Code:
         (a)   Poly Butylene (PB) Pipe/Tubing.
      (3)   Delete the following from 890-Table A, Building Drainage/Vent Pipe of the Illinois State Plumbing Code:
         (a)   Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Pipe with cellular core.
   (B)   The following are added to the Illinois State Plumbing Code:
      (1)   State License.
         (a)   No person shall engage in the plumbing business of the city or represent himself as a plumbing contractor or plumber in the business of plumbing or any of its branches without having a license and certificate or registration from the state. The city may seek revocation of such license and registration for failure to observe the ordinances of the city in regard to plumbing.
         (b)   No corporation shall engage in plumbing business in the city or represent itself as a plumbing contractor unless a plumber licensed and registered by the state shall engage in the supervision of its plumbing installation and work; and unless further, such plumber shall be an active corporate official of such corporation, actively and continually engaged in its plumbing business.
         (c)   No firm, association, or partnership shall engage themselves as plumbing contractors or plumbers in the business of plumbing or any of its branches, unless at least one active member or partner thereof continually engages in the conduct, supervision or performance of the firm, association or partnership and shall be a plumber licensed and registered by the state.
      (2)   Fixtures offered for sale.  It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, exchange, keep for sale, or offer for sale within the city any fixture, whether new or secondhand, unless the same is in sanitary condition or unless the same is so constructed as to result in a sanitary condition upon being put into use for the purpose for which it is to be used.
      (3)   Minimum requirements.  The provisions of this code shall be held to be the minimum requirements adopted for the protection of the health, welfare, and safety of the community. No ruling or decision of any person, officer, or committee shall repeal, modify or dispense with any of the requirements laid down in this chapter.
      (4)   Plumbing inspector.  The position of plumbing inspector for the city is hereby created.
      (5)   Qualifications.  The Plumbing Inspector shall have a valid Illinois State Plumbing License and shall have no less than five years experience as a licensed plumber.
      (6)   Duties.  It shall be the duty of the plumbing inspector to see that the materials, construction, repair, alteration, and maintenance of the plumbing, drainage, equipment, and related ventilation within and around any structure within the city shall conform to and comply with all state laws, this chapter and other ordinances of the city. The plumbing inspector shall make any and all necessary inspections to insure such compliance. It shall be his further duty to sign and issue all notices, permits and certificates regarding compliance with this chapter, to pass upon all plans submitted for plumbing construction or work within the city, and, to keep a record of his work, including all notices and applications received, permits granted, violations of this chapter and all matters which may pertain thereto. He shall inspect all houses in the course of erection or undergoing alteration or repairs as often as may be necessary and shall see that all work for plumbing, drainage, or related ventilation is done in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. It shall be his further duty to see that all plumbers and plumbing contractors have a license and certificate of registration in effect from the state and that all plumber's apprentices have in effect a certificate of registration. The plumbing inspector shall devote his entire time and attention to his office and duties. He shall not engage in the occupation of plumbing, house drainage, or plumbing ventilation, or be interested directly or indirectly in any business, firm or corporation engaged in the business of plumbing, house drainage, or plumbing ventilation during his employment with the city.
      (7)   Issuance of permits.  Subject to any applicable exception, no plumbing work shall be undertaken within the city prior to the issuance of a permit by the plumbing inspector. Permits shall be issued only to a plumber or plumbing contractor having a current license and certificate of registration from the state.
      (8)   Application for permit. Application for permits shall be made on suitable forms provided by the Department. The application shall be accompanied by the fees prescribed in § 151.99.
      (9)   Inspection of all roof and subsurface drains.  All roof drains and subsurface drains, etc., discharging into the storm sewers shall be inspected prior to final connection and/or covering.
      (10)   The use of copper wire with plastic sewer lines.  A single strand #12 copper insulated wire shall be run atop all plastic sewer lines in one continuoussection.
      (11)   Restrictions on discharge to sewer system for one and two family homes. One and two family homes for which a building permit for initial construction is issued after July 1, 1994, with levels below grade which are provided with plumbing fixtures or drains must have overhead discharge and no gravity discharge to the sewer system.
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