(A)   Applications for building permits that involve the construction of new buildings or the renovation, remodeling, or alteration of existing buildings shall conform to the requirements indicated on the following table set out in § 151.34. When required, an architect's seal must represent an Illinois registered architect in compliance with ILCS Ch. 225, Act 305, as amended.
   (B)   The Code Official or his/her assigns shall conduct the review authorized in this chapter as part of his/her normal plan review process. Meetings and consultation with the owner may occur in order to negotiate any modifications requested by the Code Official.
   (C)   If the Code Official approves the plans as submitted he/she shall sign the plans and indicate the date of approval.  If modifications are negotiated, new plans shall be submitted to the Code Official indicating the modifications agreed to by both parties. The Code Official shall sign and date the revised plans, and permits may be issued accordingly. Once the Code Official makes a final determination, said decision shall be transmitted to the owner in writing. The owner shall have two options at that point:
      (1)   Accept the Code Official’s determination, revise the plans if necessary, receive final approval, receive permits and proceed with the improvements.
      (2)   Appeal the decision of the Code Official to the Board of Appeals. The owner shall file a written request for an appeal with the office of the Code Official, and pay a filing fee as described in § 151.99. At a public meeting called by the Chairman of the Board all relevant information shall be reviewed. The Board may adjourn a meeting as necessary to gather additional information required to make a final decision. Having reviewed all relevant information the Board may uphold, reverse or modify the decision of the Code Official. The Board's decision shall be final. If the owner does not comply, the project shall not proceed, until the necessary modifications are agreed to.
(Ord. 7817, passed 2-6-96; Am. Ord. 8932, passed 4-1-14)