(A)   Effective measures intended to minimize the presence of rodents, cockroaches, and other insects on the premises shall be utilized.  The establishment and grounds shall be kept in such condition as to prevent the harborage or feeding of insects or rodents.
   (B)   All garbage and refuse shall be stored and collected at least once weekly by licensed private haulers.
   (C)   Containers of poisonous or toxic materials necessary for operational maintenance of the establishment shall be prominently and distinctly labeled in accordance with law.  Insecticides and rodenticides shall be stored and located to be physically separated from detergents, sanitizers, related cleaning or drying agents and other chemicals in cabinets or similar physically separated compartments or facilities used for no other purpose.  To preclude potential contamination, poisonous or toxic materials shall not be stored above or intermingled with food, food utensils and equipment, and single-service articles.
   (D)   Each person who is provided accommodations shall be provided individual soap and clean individual bath cloths and towels.  Clean bed linen, in good repair, shall be provided for each guest who is provided accommodations and shall be changed between guests and as often as necessary. Clean linen shall be stored and handled in a sanitary manner.
(Ord. 7508, passed 3-5-91; Am. Ord. 9043, passed 4-5-16)  Penalty, see § 120.99