(A)   No initial license shall be recommended for approval until the following inspection reports have been filed with the city clerk:
      (1)   A fire inspection report from the fire department stating that the proposed establishment complies with the fire and life safety provisions as set forth in § 120.19.
      (2)   A building and development report from the Engineering and Urban Services Department stating that the proposed establishment complies with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable codes.
   (B)   The Engineering and Urban Services Department shall be responsible for coordinating the required inspections and providing the necessary reports to the city clerk. 
   (C)   The current license shall be conspicuously displayed near the registration area within the bed and breakfast establishment. The current license for a vacation rental shall be conspicuously displayed inside the front door of the property. Anyone tampering with a license properly displayed shall be in violation of this chapter.
   (D)   Licenses are issued to a particular owner for a specific location.  Location shall mean one or more structures located on a single lot of record, platted prior to the effective date of this chapter, or a group of lots historically developed and maintained as a unified development parcel. A license may not be used to qualify more than one location.  No license issued hereunder may be transferred.
(Ord. 7508, passed 3-5-91; Am. Ord. 9043, passed 4-5-16)  Penalty, see § 120.99