(A)   User charges.  The sewer service charge for the use of, provision of, and for service supplied by the wastewater and storm sewer facilities within or maintained by the City to users shall consist of a monthly user charge for operation and maintenance, replacement, bond retirement, and all other costs and expenses. All users shall pay this charge, whether or not the unit or structure is occupied.  Monthly user charges shall be according to TABLE I below.
Monthly Sewer User Charges
User Class
Minimum Monthly Base User Charge
Residential - Single Family
Residential - Multi-Unit (per unit)
In addition to the base user charge, any non-residential user shall pay a monthly surcharge on any usage over 10 CCF (7,480 gallons).  This surcharge shall be based on metered water consumption rounded up to the nearest CCF (748 gallons).  Calculation of the surcharge rate shall be based upon the Single Family Residential Base Fee / 7 CCF (5,236 gallons) of usage.
As of October 1, 2021:
   Surcharge rate = $29.75 / 7 CCF
   Surcharge rate = $4.25 / CCF
   Surcharge rate = $5.68 / 1,000 gallons
   (B)   User Charge Annual Adjustment.  All user charges shall be subject to automatic annual increases for a 4-year period.  The Single Family Residential Minimum Monthly Base User Charge shall be subject to an automatic $1.00 per month annual increase for the period beginning on April 1, 2022.  All annual adjustments for all users shall be calculated as follows:
Single Family Residential User Base Charge = Prior Year Base Charge + $1.00
   April 1, 2022 = $29.75 + $1.00 = $30.75
Multi-Unit Residential (per unit) Base Charge = 4 CCF / 7 CCF x Single Family Residential User Base Charge
   April 1, 2022 = 4 ÷ 7 x $30.75 = $17.57
All non-residential User Classes Base Charge = 10 CCF ÷ 7 CCF x Single Family Residential User Base Charge
   April 1, 2022 = 10 ÷ 7 x $30.75 = $43.93
Surcharge Rate = Single Family Residential User Base Charge / 7 CCF
   April 1, 2022 = $30.75 / 7 CCF
      = $4.39 / CCF
      = $5.87 / 1,000 gallons
   (C)   Cancellation of Sewer Service.  Upon completion of City inspection of sewer line abandonment for any permitted demolition performed in accordance with City Ordinances, policies, and standards, the property owner may request the City cease billing of sanitary sewer charges at the end of the month.  Such request shall be made to the entity performing sewer billing on behalf of the City, at which time the City will authorize cessation of sewer billing.  Such a request shall be the responsibility of the property owner and in no case shall the City or the party providing billing and collection services be responsible for refund of sewer charges prior a billing cessation request of the property owner.
   (D)   Storm and Sanitary Sewer Fund Revenue Policies.  Sewer user rates shall be reviewed annually in accordance with Chapter 30 Administrative Provisions, § 30.08 Financial Policy, of the City’s Code of Ordinances.
   (E)   Use of water for irrigation.  Facilities and properties utilizing irrigation for lawns, landscaping plants, or outdoor agricultural production, which do not result in discharges to the storm or sanitary sewer systems, shall have such uses exempt from sewer charges provided that such use has a permanently mounted separate water meter which is owned by the local water utility and designated solely for such usage.  Any water usage located within structures shall not be eligible for this exemption.  Such an exemption shall not reduce the minimum monthly base user charge.
   (F)   Non-residential Rate Reduction.  In the event that a non-residential property meets the following criteria, it shall be eligible for a reduction from the Minimum Monthly Base User Charge as shown in TABLE I.
      1.   Land Area of less than 0.25 acres (10,890 square feet), which shall include any adjoining lots and nearby lots used for parking or other purposes related to operation of the business.
      2.   Monthly water usage of less than 7 CCF (5,236 gallons).
      3.   Land area as described in subsection (F)(1) is less than 75% impervious (gravel or paved parking, rooftops, curbs, equipment pads, sidewalks, patios, etc.; landscaping gravel in landscaping areas shall not be considered impervious).
   The reduced rate shall be equal to the Residential Single Family Residential Minimum Monthly Base User Charge.  To request such a reduction, the account owner shall submit a written request, including supporting information necessary to determine compliance with conditions (F)(1)-(3) above, to the Director.  The Director shall review and make a determination, notifying the requesting party of the final determination.
(Ord. 8605, passed 9-16-08; Am. Ord. 8781, passed 1-17-12; Am. Ord. 9212, passed 8-6-19; Am. Ord. 9290, passed 11-3-20) Penalty, see § 51.99