(A)   The requirement that notice be given prior to the removal of an abandoned, nuisance or junked motor vehicle may, as determined by the authorizing official, be omitted in those circumstances where there is a special need for prompt action to eliminate traffic obstructions or otherwise maintain and protect the public safety and welfare.
   (B)   The findings shall, in all cases, be entered the authorizing, official in the appropriate daily records.
   (C)   Circumstances justifying the removal of vehicles without prior notice includes:
      (1)   Vehicles abandoned on the streets. For vehicles left on the public streets and highways, the Board of Aldermen hereby determines that immediate removal of the vehicles may be warranted when they are:
         (a)   Obstructing traffic;
         (b)   Parked in violation of an ordinance prohibiting or restricting parking;
         (c)   Parked in no stopping or standing zones;
         (d)   Parked in bus zones; or
         (e)   Parked in violation of temporary parking restrictions imposed under code sections.
      (2)   Other abandoned or nuisance vehicles.
   (D)   With respect to abandoned or nuisance vehicles left on town-owned property other than the streets and highways, and on private property, the vehicles may be removed without giving prior notice only in those circumstances where the authorizing official finds a special need for prompt action to protect and maintain the public health, safety and welfare.
   (E)   By way of illustration and not limitation, the circumstances include: vehicles blocking or obstructing ingress or egress to businesses and residence, vehicles parked in a location or manner so as to pose a traffic hazard, and vehicles causing damage to public or private property.
(Prior Code, § L-I-7)