1.   Confinement. All high risk dogs shall be securely confined within an occupied house or residence or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel, except when leashed on property owned or leased by the dog’s owner. Such pen, kennel, or structure must have secure sides and a secure top attached to the sides or in lieu of a top, walls at least six feet in height and at least six inches taller than any internal structure. All pens or other structures designed, constructed or used to confine high risk dogs must be locked with a key or combination lock when such animals are within the structure. Such structure must have a secure bottom, floor or foundation attached to the sides of the pen or the sides of the pen must be embedded in the ground no less than two (2) feet so as to prevent digging under the walls by the confined dog. All structures erected to house high risk dogs must comply with all zoning and building regulations of the City. All such structures must be adequately lighted and ventilated and kept in a clean and sanitary condition. No high risk dog may be kept on a porch, deck, patio or in any porch, deck, or patio of a house or structure that would allow the dog to exit such building on its own volition.
2.   Leashing. No person shall permit a high risk dog to go outside its kennel or pen unless such dog is securely leashed with a leash no longer than six (6) feet in length, and further provided that when leashed such dog must be on property owned or leased by its owner. No person shall permit a high risk dog to be kept on a chain, rope, or other type of leash outside its kennel or pen unless both dog and leash are under the actual physical control of a person eighteen years of age or older. Such dogs may not be leashed to inanimate objects such as trees, posts, buildings, or any other object or structure.
3.   At Large. A high risk dog which is found, more than twice in any calendar year, not to be confined as herein required, shall be required to be permanently removed from the City or destroyed. An animal which is returned to the City after removal shall be humanely destroyed.
4.   Limit on Number. No residential dwelling shall have more than one high risk dog on its premises.
(Section 55.09 - Ord. 570 - Jul. 22 Supp.)