A.   Procedure:
      1.   The Board of County Commissioners may, from time to time, amend the number, shape, boundaries or area of any zone, or any regulation within any zones or any other provisions of this title. Any such amendment shall not be made or become effective unless the same shall have been proposed by or be first submitted for the approval, disapproval or suggestions of the Planning Commission. Zoning amendment applications approved by the Planning Commission, to become effective, shall receive the favorable vote of not less than a majority of the entire membership of the Board of County Commissioners, as jurisdiction may apply.
      2.   Zoning and subdivision amendment applications disapproved by the Planning Commission may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment, as provided in chapter 5 of this title.
   B.   Hearing And Publication Of Notice Before Amendment: Before finally adopting any such amendment, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing thereon, and shall provide notice as provided in Utah State Code Annotated Subsection 17-27a-205 as the same may be updated or amended from time to time.
   C.   Determination Of County Legislative Body: The Board of County Commissioners body, after notice as provided in Utah Code Annotated section 17-27a-205, as amended, and public meeting and review of the decision of the Planning Commission, may affirm, revise, alter or remand for further review and consideration any action taken by said Planning Commission.
   D.   Disapproval Of Rezoning Application: Disapproval of an application to amend the Zoning Map shall preclude the filing of another application to amend the Zoning Map, to reclassify the same parcel of property, or any portion thereof, to the same zone classification within one (1) year of the date of the final disapproval of the application, unless the Planning Commission finds that there has been a substantial change in the circumstances or sufficient new evidence since the disapproval of the application to merit consideration of a second application within the one (1) year time period. (Ord. 17-16, 7-26-2017; amd. Ord. 20-06, 6-16-2020)