Any person being the owner, tenant, or person in control of private property shall at all times within reason and in a timely manner maintain the premises free of any uncontainerized litter. Any person who shall suffer or permit any yard, grounds, or premises (including parking lots) belonging to or controlled by him, as agent, tenant, or otherwise, within the city limits of the city of Cut Bank, to become nauseous, foul, offensive or injurious to the public health, or unpleasant and disagreeable to adjacent residents or persons passing by, shall be guilty of committing a nuisance. At such times as described herein, in addition to the penalties provided in this chapter, those persons charged with enforcing the provisions of ordinance 8.00 along with its subsequent amendments defining nuisances and codified in chapter 1 of this title are to be followed and enforced. (Ord. 2010-01, 4-19-2010)